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The Solitary Daisy – Issue 30


silk sacrifice –
an aborted dream
inside a cocoon
-Paul Callus (Malta)
a green moth
relaxing in sunlight –
delicacy of a haiku
            -Lakshman Bulusu (Princeton NJ)
moths drinking
human tears
            -Barbara Anna Gaiardoni
(Verona, Italy)
this delicacy
between the darkness
moth flight
            -Joanna Ashwell (UK)
moths captivated by
the drive-in screen
            -Jessica Allyson (Ottawa, Canada)

false tiger moth 
a small butterfly
            -Madeleine Kavanagh (California)

spider web–
the final frantic flutter
of a white moth
            -Kim Klugh

frail moth wings
among the brambles
Pale Beauty 
            -Ruth Holzer (Herndon, Virginia)

with the setting sun
orbit the hurricane lamp . . .
an eclipse of moths
            -Monica Kakkar (India and USA)

Grandpa’s old trunk
the slight scent 
of mothballs  

-Valentina Ranaldi-Adams (USA)

 watching leaf
fly away –
little moth tricked me
            -Anna Dean (Australia)

mother moth
springs womb
birthing green
            -David Brydges (Cobalt, Ontario)

Michele’s Musings

Frithjof and I are on a holiday at Squamish, BC! Today we ventured up the Sea to Sky Gondola. What an adventure!

Michele and Frithjof See to sky gondola

Of course I couldn’t help penning some haiku along the way. Here is my favourite:

sea to sky
soaring with a red hawk
above Howe Sound

Even Frithjof couldn’t help but try his hand at the nature-based form.

Squamish summer
taking selfies
from the gondola

Where are your summer travels taking you? What is inspiring you and what haiku are you writing along the way? Let me know!

Member News

In lieu of any member news, I offer the following:

As Matso Basho once famously said, “Learn the rules, and then forget them.”

Member Jerome Berglund of Minesota, USA chose to colour outside the box by not responding to the prompt. Instead, he sent a selection of haiku and I’ve chosen to share part of it with you.

with a hunk of fluff
filling in nursery

framed in leaves
a zoetrope
of stratus

a little rain
an hour later
none the wiser

Sally’s Notebook

I’d like to offer my apologies for missing last week. My air conditioner stopped working and as I went outside in the evening to cool off, I fell off my stairs and hurt my knee. I was unable to sit at my desk for some time without extreme pain, and so, had to pass on the deadline. Thanks to all of you who sent well wishes. In exchange, I offer you this. It’s not really haiku without the backstory, but it amused me, and hopefully will amuse you, too.

lying on my back
gazing up at the stars-
knee, still throbbing

Upcoming Deadlines, Openings, and Readings

The deadline is tomorrow (June 30th) for Prune Juice, a Journal of Senryu

There’s still time to get your chapbook together for Yavanika Press, the deadline is tomorrow. Be sure to read the guidelines carefully.

Kokako out of New Zealand has a deadline of July 1. Make sure to check the time zones to ensure your work is submitted on time.

Recommended reading, anytime, anywhere, for anything related to Japanese Short Forms, Graceguts is my go-to.

A great read from Canadian poet, haikuist, and university instructor, Rob Taylor, can be found here at the Woodlot. Thanks to a member of our writing circle for this link!

This Week’s Prompt

small deer in the underbrush

Photo by Sally Quon

This week we’d like you to write a haiku about a fawn, or deer. Send up to two to sally_quon@yahoo.com or kelownalady@hotmail.com for your chance to be featured in our next newsletter. Please feel free to send us anything you like – calls for submission, member news, or even just let us know what projects you are currently working on.

“Learn how to listen as things speak for themselves.”

-Matso Basho
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1 thought on “The Solitary Daisy – Issue 30”

  1. Dear Ms. Quon and Ms. Rule,

    I am delighted to read my haiku published in The Solitary Daisy – Issue 30. It includes an All Summer Season Word, kigo 季語: moth, ga 蛾 and a Seasonless Topic, muki 無季: setting sun, yuuhi or yūhi, 夕日, ゆうひ.

    The World Kigo Database by Dr. Gabi Greve, Daruma Museum, Japan, is my primary almanac (saijiki) for kigo, seasonless topics (muki), and for translation of kigo and muki into English.

    Thank you for your consideration. Best wishes to you and participating poets!


    Monica Kakkar (she/her/hers)

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