Michele and Sally of the Solitary Daisy

The Solitary Daisy – Issue 29

Our Favourite Animals

see you
on the rainbow bridge
- Barbara Anna Gaiardoni

the first time
he eats from my hand
blue parakeet
-Ruth Holzer

cat morning yoga
sphinxes pose on sandy shade carpet
stretching the sun
-David Brydges

in the pitch
of darkness
timber wolf
-Joanna Ashwell

my dog who waits
for chicken
on Saturday
– Madeleine Kavanagh

in black-and-white . . .
panda bears
-Valentina Ranaldi-Adams

the children pamper
a midsummer crowd-pleaser
copycat monkey
– Monica Kakkar

donkey eyes
searching mine –
nowhere to hide
-Anna Dean

winter sunrise…
the crackling grass
as kelpies herd the mob
– Marilyn Humbert

Tiger om caroussel

my favorite tiger
on the gilded carousel
- Shelly Reed Thieman

Michele’s Musings

Batter up!
Sally and I headed out with some friends last weekend to cheer on our local baseball team, the Falcons! But of course we couldn’t help ourselves and it turned into an evening of haiku ⚾☺️

Thanks to our friend, Pam Desjardine, for the photo! Pam wrote an almost play by play linked haiku of the game! My favourite ku of hers was this:

waning rays of sun
the crack of a fly ball
GO Falcons GO!

baseball pitch
Photo by Michele Rule

My haiku were all out in right field with the food truck lol.

foul ball!
I lift my hotdog
off the plate

Sally hit the real homerun of the night though with this one!

circle the field –
bases loaded

Where have you been writing haiku lately? I would love to hear from you for a special story I’m swinging for!

Member News

Both Michele and Sally had haiku published in both The Haiku Canada Members’ Anthology, and Petals of Haiku. Sally had three haiku accepted by Pan Haiku, and has big hopes for haibun submitted to The Poetry Pea.

Sally’s Notebook

I’ve had a highly stressful week and haven’t done much creative writing at all. But I would like to share an essay I read on Troutswirl, the Haiku Foundation’s blog. The series is called New to Haiku and features interviews with haikuists. The following interview is with Kati Mohr. You can read it here.

Upcoming Deadlines and Things to Read

New to me, Confluence Haiku. An interesting format and a unique opportunity. The link is here.

Shadowpond Journal is another one I haven’t fully checked out. I think the deadline is June 10.

Submissions for First Frost open on July 1.

Prune Juice is open for submissions of senryu until June 30.

The Heron’s Nest is open for submissions until June 15.

This one is for the ladies – Femku Mag, deadline June 15 for one-line haiku or senryu.

This link will take you to the June issue of The Heron’s Nest, available to read online.

And please, please, if you haven’t done it yet, Graceguts by Michael Dylan Welsh has to be the most comprehensive guide to anything related to Japanese short forms.

This Week’s Prompt

A few weeks ago, I was taking a mountain drive when I found this little green moth. I apologize for the quality of the photo. This week, we’d like you to write a moth haiku.

picture of a moth

Photo by Sally Quon

As always, we want your haiku, your news, your suggestions, and anything else you’d like to send. Email sally_quon@yahoo.com or kelownalady@hotmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

We shall never understand one another until we reduce the language to seven words.

― Kahlil Gibran
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1 thought on “The Solitary Daisy – Issue 29”

  1. Dear Ms. Rule and Ms. Quon,

    I am delighted to read my haiku published in The Solitary Daisy – Issue 29. It includes a Mid-Summer Season Word, kigo: midsummer, seika 盛夏 (せいか) and a Seasonless Topic, muki 無季: monkey, saru 猿.

    The World Kigo Database by Dr. Gabi Greve, Daruma Museum, Japan, is my primary almanac (saijiki) for kigo, seasonless topics (muki), and for translation of kigo and muki into English.

    Thank you for your consideration. Best wishes to you and participating poets!


    Monica Kakkar (she/her/hers)

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