wooden path

Maude Roxby Ginko

I’ve written about the Maude-Roxy Bird Sanctuary in the past, but last week, Michele and I decided to go for a ginko. The Sanctuary is one of the last sections of undeveloped shoreline in the Kelowna area. It used to be fed by a creek, but development in the area put an end to that, and now the water is regulated by the lake itself. In 2017, water levels rose, flooding the Sanctuary and washing away part of the boardwalk. It would not be repaired until 2020.

It was a perfect day – not too hot and not too cold. We wandered the boardwalk leisurely, stopping often to rest, look around, watch, and listen. There was much to be seen. A few other walkers were enjoying the morning, including two teenage girls resting on a bench with sketchbooks in hand. I love to see things like that; people taking the time to slow down and let themselves be absorbed in their surroundings. The fact it was two young women gave me an additional burst of joy.

 Here are a few photos and haiku from our walk.

wooden path

the path
to good intentions
paved with wood
- SQ

two old women
visiting on the bench -
- MR
picture of ducks
red wind blackbird

bullrush fluff-
the red-winged blackbird
builds his song
- SQ

rough willow bark-
northern flicker scouts out
nesting sites

willow bark
Northern Flicker

broken poplar-
the nesting flicker

neon green algae a lone beer can floats

dry bullrushes

willow branches
dance in the wind…
song sparrow

For some reason, neither of us wrote a haiku to this one.

And finally, here is Michele, looking good, sister!

And here is yours truly, because Michele insisted!

I’m excited for our next ginko and can’t wait to see if anyone will be joining us.

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