Ginko Walk at Munson Pond

In our last issue, Michele told you our plans for a ginko walk on April 27 and invited those of you who could, to join us. We were so pleased to be joined by several people, for a total of seven walkers! Hopefully, those of you from different areas tried to get out and appreciate nature in your own way. If so, feel free to send us an account of your adventure!

We began from the viewing platform next to the parking lot. I handed out a brief information sheet on the area, taken from the City of Kelowna’s website.

“Historically, the pond is named for the Munson family who were pioneer farmers in the area from the early 1890s, and descendants of those pioneers continue to live in the neighbourhood. Along the southern perimeter of the pond is an irrigation ditch that feeds the pond and harks back to the settlement era when many canals and flumes bisected the Okanagan Valley.

Ecologically, the pond is a beautiful water body surrounded by a mature remnant cottonwood forest that is valued for its bird watching opportunities, waterfowl habitat and habitat for small amphibians, reptiles and mammals. At one time this black cottonwood / water birch ecological community covered much of the Okanagan lowlands but have been displaced by agriculture, urban development, and the channelization of streams and rivers.  It is now a red listed (endangered) ecological community and ranked by the BC Conservation Data Centre as one of the rarest in B.C.”

Michele laid out the plans for our walk, and then we read some Issa to put us in a haiku frame of mind. Our webmaster, Frithjof Petscheleit, documented our arrival with this quick sketch.

Storm clouds were brewing in the sky as we set off on our 1.1 km loop around the pond. At a brisk pace, this walk can be completed in 17 minutes. But we were in no hurry. Following is a selection of photos and haiku from our day.

The photos were taken by yours truly. Haiku contributed by myself, Michele Rule, and Jaki Sawyer.

bumblebee –
naming the flowers
I do not know
- sq
hidden nests
the secrets that I keep
- mr
between roiled cloud
and pond sparkle
dance of swooping swallows
- js
downy phlox
hidden in the grass-
pink moon
- sq
balsam perfume swirls
above tiny weed blossoms
nature anoints us
- js
swimming painted turtle
I slowly make my way
around the path
- mr
the turtle moves
through the forest
- sq
start your engines!
the speed
of ducklings
- sq
last year’s fireweed-
babies nestled at my feet
- mr
violet-green swallows
moving in and out
of their reflection
- sq
the flight
of the swallows
- sq

Fortunately, the rain held off until we finished our walk, almost two hours after we began. Thank you for joining us on this journey! We hope to see you for the next one.

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