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The Solitary Daisy – Issue 17

📷 Sally Quon

Migrating Birds

Arctic tern bird
destination Antarctic sun

  • Darlene Romanko

fly-in Arctic guests
flocking to Quandamooka –
standing room only

  • Anna Dean

mauve sky
early day crispy morning
reward for walking

  • Pam Desjardines

goose tracks
on snow covered beach
migration suspended

  • Michele Rule

caught in the endless swirl
of grey sky

  • Sally Quon

Make Haiku Your Meditation by Michele Rule

I don’t know about you but it seems the older I get, the faster time spins. Where did November go? Where did 2023 go for that matter?

I only know of one way to slow time down and that is to write haiku. I use it as a mediation process, because if you know me you know that the idea of me just sitting without a pen in my hand is impossible. If I’m not writing, I’m sleeping lol.

I like to sit somewhere quiet, either outside or at a window that looks over the garden. I try to find one particular thing to focus on. For example, the vegetable garden. Then I narrow it down to a particular plant – at this time of year with its dusting of snow I see kale. Then down from there to the curl of the leaf and the tiny missing piece.

I’ll sit with this for a while. Some people call this meditation. I think about nothing else except that tiny missing piece. How did that happen? A fluke of nature when the plant was growing? A destructive child touching all the plants as they walked by (that’s maybe not a bad thing)? I noticed a small movement – a marauding bug. I settle on that.

At this point I let the pen touch the paper. Then I slowly write out some lines (you know the drill – one, two or three lines, less than 17 syllables, a nod to the season and then, most difficult of all, an aha moment) and see what comes out.

Now I feel relaxed. I don’t read back the lines immediately – I stay with the nibble on the curly kale leaf for a bit longer in case anything else pops into my mind. By then I usually have to move, need a bathroom break etc. Later I’ll go back to the haiku and do some editing (the non-relaxing part for me). But I will have taken my mind off a whole host of other things by that point, I’ll have stayed in a moment, and I’ll have calmed my body and mind.

What about you? Have you tried haiku writing as a form of meditation? Does it work for you? Send me a note and let me know!

early snowfall
cabbage worm bites a hole
in his kale shelter

Member News

Michele Rule had a haiku published on Instagram, @wordonthestreethaiku‘ Instagram journal.

cold winter night
searching for that special star
with my new telescope

Sally Quon had a haiku accepted by Tsuri Doro, and a selection of haiku posted on the Akita International Haiku Network. You can find Sally’s haiku here.

Caroline Skanne

While scrolling through The Haiku Foundation’s website, I found an interview with Caroline Skanne. I found it to be an insightful interview and wanted to share it with you. Here is the link to the page.

Editorial Notes:

As the holiday season approaches, Michele and Sally have decided to take a hiatus from sending out The Solitary Daisy. We will return in early January 2024. In the meantime, here are a few things for you to look at.

First, and foremost (in our opinion, anyway) The Solitary Daisy now has a website!

The Enchanted Garden has released their 2024 Editorial Calendar. Check it out to find out what the themes are for the coming months.

What better way to spend the cold winter months than with a blanket, a cup of something warm, and The Poetry Pea Podcast.

Bottle Rocket Press has a deadline of December 15.

If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and subscribe to Naturalist Weekly.

Looking for something to do in the long winter months? Graceguts by Michael Dylan Welsh is full of interesting and valuable information.

Finally, don’t forget this call for submissions for Literary Revelations Anthology: Petals of Haiku. The deadline is January 15.

Whatever you celebrate, enjoy this holiday season, and we will see you soon!

This Week’s Prompt

The new year begins.

We would love to read and share your haiku! Send to Sally at sally_quon@yahoo.com or to Michele at kelownalady@hotmail.com.

“Life is not made of the number of breaths we take, but of the moments that take our breath away.”

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