The Solitary Daisy – Issue 10

konoshita yami – shade of a tree

touching the moss
on the dark side of the tree
new moon ritual
– Isabella Mori

under a giant river fig –
sun on fire
– Anna Dean

wind in the aspen-
our song
on endless loop
– Sally Quon

driving through
the shade of poplar trees
glimpses of the harbour
– Michele Rule

asleep under fir
soft safe bed of needles
wake to lightning
– Jaki Sawyer

Member News

Since our last newsletter, Michele Rule has had one haiku published in Poetry Pea Haiku Flash and two haiku in Haiku Girl!

Sally Quon has had one haiku accepted by Haiku Canada Review. She also has a mini chap published by Origami Poems Project, titled “Grass Basket.” Click on and download the PDF, fold according to the instructions, and you will have a mini chapbook of Sally’s haiku. Submission guidelines can also be found here.
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An Interview with Josephine LoRe

In lieu of a lesson this week, Michele has provided the following link to a video. Haiku: The Poetry of Focus with Scott Mason

We look forward to her return for our next newsletter.

Upcoming Deadlines, Openings, and Readings

Opportunities to Submit

Opening on September 1
Whiptail Journal publishes one-line haiku.
Tsuri-doro opens Sept 1 and closes Sept. 10. Act fast!
Enchanted Garden opens Sept. 1 and closes Sept. 15. The theme is “yellow”

Member Contributions

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We want to celebrate with you. Have you had a haiku published? Are you submitting your haiku for the very first time? Have you started a fun haiku project you’d like to share? For any news, or a response to the prompt, please email or
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Solitary Daisy

This Week’s Prompt

Our prompt this week has been stolen directly from Naturalist Weekly If you have not had the chance to wander through this site, I highly recommend doing so.
Write a haiku or senryu that references flowers wilting or flowers going to seed.
We look forward to reading your work! Send your haiku/senryu to or

“Forget distinctions. Leap into the boundless and make it your home!”

Chaung Tzu
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