The Solitary Daisy Issue 8

what is this colour
with no name except Nature —
perfection or hush
– Carrie Mitchell

floating pond lilies
calm water reflects peace
under leaves, leeches
– Jaki Sawyer

serene water bloom
reach up to the changing sky
rooted in slick mud
– Marjorie Mitchell

invisible line
separating me and you
from blackness below
– Jennifer Ashton

sunset at the park
a lone frog croaks
– Michele Rule

embracing the sunlight
rooted in darkness-
lily pad
– Sally Quon

Member News

Sally Quon had one haiku accepted in both Acorn and The Enchanted Garden. Woohoo!

A Brief History of Senryu: A Guest Essay By Orrin Préjean

There’s often much talk about the difference between haiku and senryu. Many folks feel there shouldn’t be a distinction, and I do understand their point; however, in the process of thinking about this specific point, it bears knowing a little bit about the history of both genres.
Both haiku and senryu were born in Edo (Tokyo) and come from specific verses inside of renga (group linked poetry). What is known as haiku comes from the hokku starting verse of a renga. The genre was called ‘haikai no renga’ (witty linked verse).
Some definitions associated with the word ‘haikai’ are things like ‘witty or playful, earthy, or colloquial.’ The renga or ‘linked verse’ was playfully relaxed and did not use the normally complex rules of writing that usually made up renga. At the time there were two schools of renga, High and Low.

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Openings and Closings

The Haiku Society of America has three contests closing on July 31. Polish up your haiku, senryu, haibun and submit!
Also closing on July 31 is Seashores Haiku Journal.
Opening on August 1, Tiny Words and Kingfisher Journal.


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This Week’s Prompt

Photo by Michele Rule

Write a haiku based on this photo. Send them to or for a chance to be featured in our next newsletter. Submissions due by Friday, August 11

“It’s not what you look at that matters, but what you see.”

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